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About Us

FlexEze is a market-leading Australian brand that has been providing Australians with air-activated heat therapy products since 2006.

Our flagship product, the FlexEze Heat Wrap™, was developed by health professionals who, after treating back pain patients for over 25 years, sought a solution to keep their patients physically active while receiving the benefits of heat therapy.

 Today, FlexEze is highly trusted by major hospital departments, aged care facilities, and health professionals to deliver low-level heat therapy to thousands of people daily. Building on the success of the FlexEze Heat Wrap, we launched our premium air-activated Hand Warmers in 2018 that are endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association and Osteopathy Australia.

FlexEze takes pride in keeping Australians warm, whether it's to provide relief from arthritis-related hand stiffness or to offer extra comfort to those who work, play and explore in the great outdoors. The warmth generated by FlexEze Hand Warmers enhances local blood flow in your hands, ensuring your next adventure is a comfortable one.


Our Partners

FlexEze is endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association and Osteopathy Australia.

FlexEze is proud to be supporting the important work of the following organisations:  Australian Physiotherapy Association,  Osteopathy AustraliaPainWisePhysiotherapy Research Foundation and Koala Kids