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How Do They Work?

Our Hand Warmers are air-activated and provide a convenient, long-lasting warmth protecting against cold weather conditions for outdoor workers, skiers and those enjoying the great Australian outdoors.
What's in our Hand Warmers?

Iron powder
Activated carbon (charcoal)
Vermiculite (a natural mineral used in potting mix!)
How Do They Work?

The heat produced by our Hand Warmers is caused by a natural chemical reaction. The Hand Warmers begin to work when exposed to air as each ingredient performs a special function.
  • Iron and Oxygen react together to produce heat - a "rusting" process.

  • Salt is a catalyst speeding up the heat reaction.

  • Activated carbon acts like charcoal in your BBQ and disperses the heat around the Hand Warmer.

  • Vermiculite insulates the reaction in the Hand Warmer so it lasts longer.

  • Air sealed packet keeps the moisture within the Hand Warmer.
Remove Hand Warmer, shake to activate

Hand Warmer warms up in 10 – 20 minutes

For maximum efficiency place Hand Warmer into pocket or gloves

Iron powder, water, salt, activated charcoal, vermiculite

Store in cool place. Avoid direct sunlight

57 C  (135 F)

Burn Hazard: Immediately remove Hand Warmer if becomes too hot or uncomfortable.

Max temperature may reach 70 C
    Do Not use on any other part of body other than hands

    Do Not use while sleeping

    Do Not use in combination with other heating devices

    Do Not heat in microwave

    Do Not use on infants

    Do Not cut, tear or puncture Hand Warmer

    Do Not get Hand Warmer wet
    Careful supervision is necessary when used by elderly, children, disabled and those with sensitive skin.

    Hand Warmers should not be used by people with open wounds, bruising, sensitive skin, loss of sensation, nerve damage, advanced diabetes, frostbite unless advised by a health professional. Should not be used by anyone that cannot apply and remove hand warmer by themselves.

    For External Use Only:
    Do Not allow contents to contact eyes or mouth or be ingested. If contents enter eyes flush thoroughly with clean water. Seek medical advice if swallowed as contains iron powder.

    KEEP OUT OF REACH: Children and Pets

    Once your FlexEze Hand Warmer has gone cold, simply dispose of thoughtfully by opening packet and dispersing contents into soil as a natural conditioner and Eco-Friendly way to return back into nature.